Beetnix Juice and Superfood Bar in Downtown Savannah, GA is open soon!

Yay! Savannah is officially out of the dark ages! This city in the kingdom of fried chicken and sweet tea has recognized that plant-based diets are a real thing and that vegetarians exist.

Beetnix Juice and Superfood bar is opening in the heart of downtown Savannah on Broughton Street, just below Dancing Dogs yoga. They offer a rainbow of juice options, salads, snacks and other tasty treats—all vegetarian and vegan.

People have all kinds of reasons for going veg. They might feel strongly about animal cruelty and inhumane factory farming. They may be concerned about the hormones and antibiotics rampant in carnivorous diet. They may have environmental concerns knowing that livestock contribute to global warming through waste and effluvium. They may understand how land and resources growing crops provide more food for billions of earthlings than for cattle and other animals.

Or maybe their reasons are more personal. Maybe they want to reduce their risks of cancer and heart disease. Maybe they want to feel better and more energized. Maybe they just want to give their stomach and intestines a break.

No matter their reasons, one thing is for sure: vegetarians still want delicious food. And let’s get real: Savannah restaurants haven’t really recognized that chicken is not a vegetable. Neither is bacon.

If you’ve ever tried to pick bacon bits out of a bowl of iceberg lettuce steeped in ranch dressing, you can rejoice in Beetnix’s arrival.

Or, if you’re curious about this whole “juice thing” or this “vegetarian thing,”  Beetnix is your gateway.  You don’t have to make a lifelong commitment to tofu burgers and wheat grass shots (that’s so 1980s), instead, surprise yourself with a cool, colorful juice full of goodies. You can feel virtuous for skipping the soda, and delighted when your tongue does a happy dance.

Illustration by Rubi McGrory

Beetnix Juice and Superfood bar is open
Article Name
Beetnix Juice and Superfood bar is open
Beetnix Juice and Superfood bar is open
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Beetnix Juice Bar
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